IRS, Inc. demonstrates a live Ammonia Release

On April 21, 2011, Industrial Refrigeration Service, Inc. hosted the second Baltimore/Washington Ammonia Safety Day at the Howard County James N. Robey Public Safety Training Center in Marriottsville, Maryland.

The second Baltimore/Washington Ammonia Safety Day was presented by Ammonia Safety Training Institute and offered free training to 200 guests to prevent or mitigate ammonia release incidents. Included were representatives from EPA, Homeland Security, MDE, MOSH, US Army, as well as refrigeration ammonia contractors, and over 60 end users. Also in attendance were over 50 Fire Department and HazMat Unit personnel from six counties and the City of Baltimore.

As part of the training, Industrial Refrigeration Service, Inc. demonstrated how Ammonia is affected under pressure and in specific elements. Anhydrous Ammonia was released as both an aerosol and a straight vapor. Liquid ammonia which boils at -28°F at sea level was collected in a bucket. The demonstration included an example of the violent reaction that occurs when water is poured onto -28°F ammonia. This is a vivid warning showing how ammonia is rapidly vaporized when water, (obviously above +32°F), is poured or sprayed onto liquid ammonia which is at -28°F. The opposite demonstration showed small amounts of liquid ammonia being added to water. In this case the PH was observed to increase dramatically and underscored the need for plenty of water to dilute even a small amount of anhydrous ammonia.

The Ammonia Safety Day was enjoyable, engaging, and included hands on training experiences. It was a great opportunity for fellow operators to network, with local public safety officials, regulators, and vendors.

This seminar was free to all attendees and was made possible by the generous support of the following companies and organizations: IIAR, AAIM Controls, Evapco, ODI, Frick by Johnson Controls, GEA-FES Systems Inc., Vilter, BAC, General Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration Service, Airgas, Hansen, Iresco, Tanner Industries, the Baltimore and Delmarva Chapters of RETA, Honeywell, Danfoss, Parker and Howard County Fire and Rescue.

Demonstrating the reaction of Ammonia when it is hit by water.

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